GraphQL in a decoupled Drupal, basics, cache, scalability and infrastructure





The preoccupation of the Drupal community is to make this CMS API-first, to achieve this goal it was necessary to set up mechanisms in the core to be able to expose content and other contribution elements as web services to customers (front, mobile, embedded systems ...). Two paths exist (REST & GraphQL) today to expose contents and to each one its advantages and disadvantages, during this session we will be interested in GraphQL and we will try to treat the following axes:

• What is GraphQL? And what does it mean for Drupal?
• When can we use GraphQL?
• What considerations to take into account before starting a decoupled project that is based on GraphQL?
• The advantages and disadvantages of using GraphQL in Drupal?
• Is today GraphQL Scalable?
• How does GraphQL manage its application caches?
• How to manage the cache levels (application, http, cdn …) in GraphQL?
• GraphQL and Drupal resource URLs, how does it work?
• An architecture/infrastructure focus that can work well with GraphQL.

This presentation is based on an experience of two big decoupled Drupal 8 projects with REACT JS and GraphQL.

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Back-End Development

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