Privacy policy

We are IT people. We are aware of the manifold risks personal data can be exposed to. You can bet we care about the protection of personal data and do our best to keep it secure.


By using our websites you consent to the collection, processing, and use of data as described below. Our website can be visited without registration. This data such as pages called or the name of the retrieved file, date and time are stored on the server for statistical purposes, without this data are directly related to your person. Personal data, in particular name, address or e-mail address are collected as far as possible on a voluntary basis. Without your consent, the data will not be passed on to third parties.

Your user account

When you register, we need of course personal data: your email address and your username (the pseudonym you choose yourself). Passwords will never be stored in plain text, only secure password hashes.

Your username and email address will be accessible for site administrators. Our course they have no permission to access or even copy this information for any other reason than giving support related to the user account. Your email address will never be given to third parties without your explicit consent.

Canceling your account

Personal information you have provided us with can be deleted at any time (by canceling your user account). We reserve the right to keep content published that you created on the website.

Data used for billing and accounting purposes is not affected. Your event ticket will not expire by canceling your account.

Activity log

You probably know Drupal. Information like “User XY created a session proposal” will be saved together with the timestamp for a while. This information is only accessible for site administrators.

Attendee information

The following fields will be used to create your name tag for the event and to identify you at check-in:

  • personal title
  • first/middle/last name
  • job title
  • the name of your company/organization

You’ll see there’s only an absolute minimum of required fields. This information will be revealed to the organizing team and to the people who volunteer on the attendee care team (for example, at the check-in counter).

Additional attendee information on the website

Unless you opt out (“Publish in lists”), the above-listed attendee info fields plus your picture will be shown in attendee lists on the website and - depending on your speaker or volunteer status - in other lists like “volunteers” or “speakers”. This status will be set by website administrators based on personal communication.

Help promote invites you to enter your testimonial for Drupal Developer Days 2019 and - if applicable - a profile text to be shown in the volunteer list. If you fill in these fields your entries will be published.

Any other entries in the user profile form are subject to restricted access and they are optional. This means that only very few people will access the entries and will make no other use of the information other than for:

  • Onsite service (dietary restrictions, accessibility assistance, child-care)—will only be accessed by team members who help organize this support.
  • Speaker information—will be accessed by the program team to help us achieve more speaker diversity.

We might use anonymized data for insights that help foster the open source community. For example, we might want to publish that we are “proud to have 15% first-time speakers“ or that “20% contributed on Drupal 9.x”.

Web forms

If you fill in forms you might be entering additional personal data, for instance, when you are submitting a session. Any form designed to contact the Drupal Developer Days Transylvania team will trigger an email notification. Only a minimum of your entries will be included in these emails, normally your email address to facilitate fast replies to you.

Sensitive data will never be included in such emails. Instead, your entries will be stored on the web server where only a very limited number of team members can access them. Once processed, your entries will be deleted from the web server.


A cookie is a small file downloaded on to your device when you access certain websites.

We use essential cookies in the Drupal Developer Days Transylvania website which don’t store personal information. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which could be when accepting our cookie policy or logging in.

We use the following cookies:

  • hidden-cookie-jar – set when you accept our cookie policy
  • SESSxx – set when you log into our website, then removed when you log out

Payment provider

We are using "EuPlatesc" as a third-party payment provider. 

In case your employer ordered for you and you do not know about the entries: Your e-mail address could have been entered. As for payment details, only the following will be stored in EuPlatesc:

  • type of payment (for example “credit card”)
  • charge ID (encrypted)
  • status (for example “success” or “insufficient funds”)

The privacy policy of "EuPlatesc" is only available in Romanian for now: