Speaker agreement

The Drupal Developer Days Transylvania team created the speaker agreement and outlined re responsibilities and the benefits of being a speaker. By submitting your sessions you are agreeing that you acknowledged and respect the agreement.


I understand that Drupal Developer Days Transylvania provides one free ticket per session, in case that there are multiple speakers for a session, the additional speakers will have to purchase a ticket. In case the session/workshop is canceled after being accepted, each speaker will get a free ticket in order to cover the damages. 

Speakers profile

As a speaker, I understand that I have to complete my profile with the relevant information, including first and last name, username, photo and bio in order to offer more details to the proposal acceptance team and attendees.

Session integrity 

Any modification occurs after the session was accepted, has to be approved by the Drupal Developer Days Transylvania team. In case that dramatic changes are made to the proposal, the team reserves the right to remove the session without any cover for damages. I understand that I will have to use the presentation template offered by the Drupal Developer Days Transylvania team. 

Session preparation 

I acknowledge that speaking at a conference comes with a great responsibility. In case that my session is accepted, I will devote time and energy to this effort. I understand that any special request for my presentation (equipment, additional helpers, etc) has to be made in time, so it can be fulfilled. 

For workshops, I understand that I have to provide in the session description all the requirements for the participants.

Obtaining Consent

I reserve the right to give or not my consent to record my sessions/workshops and I will make public my materials used for the session/workshop (presentations, code, etc). I also understand that the session is for information sharing purposes and it is not a marketing opportunity. I agree that I will not use my session to promote any company, brand, or product.

Staying On Topic and On Time

I understand that I have to stay focused on the topic of my session. I also have to make sure that the information presented adheres to the difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) designated for my session. I acknowledge that I have a limited time for the session and I will have to respect it in order to not delay the schedule, but on the other hand, I will have to fill this time. 

Code of Conduct

I understand that my slides and on-stage remarks must abide by the Code of Conduct for this conference. I understand that my slides may be reviewed ahead of time and that I may need to modify my presentation if it does not adhere to the Code of Conduct. I also understand that if, while I am presenting, I fail to abide by the spirit of the Code of Conduct, my session recording will not be published.

Contact Us

We are excited to welcome you as a speaker at Drupal Developer Days 2019 and look forward to answering any questions you may have.