About the Drupal Association Romania

Drupal Romania Association is a non-profit Romanian legal entity committed to supporting the development of the Drupal open source project. The Association supports the Drupal Romanian Community by providing funding, infrastructure, supporting event organization, promoting and distributing Drupal.  The Association’s founding members are Diana PrecupAlexandru BadiuClaudiu CristeaGabriel Dragomir and Gabriel Ungureanu.

The association aims to promote the Drupal as an opensource system for creating websites, by:

  • Promoting Drupal as an open system for websites building through events, web or mass-media.
  • Attracting developers, translators, consultants to provide free services to the Drupal Community.
  • Organizing Drupal events like conferences, seminars, meetings, presentations, open training, media events, etc.
  • Supporting the Romanian localization of user interface of Drupal and contrib modules.
  • Providing free Drupal support and documentation in the Romanian language.
  • Supporting the building of the Romanian Community website.
  • To contact and establish partnerships with various companies, public institutions and NGOs in order to promote Drupal and opensource software.

Drupal Romania Association is a contributor as well as a participant in the global Drupal Community.