Platinum Sponsors

Acquia provides a cloud platform and data-driven journey technology to build, manage and activate digital experiences at scale. Thousands of organizations rely on Acquia’s digital factory to power customer experiences at every channel and touchpoint. Acquia liberates its customers by giving them the freedom to build tomorrow on their terms.

We are an international software development company fostering the open source ecosystem wherever we can. Our motto - ‘Grow and help grow’ - expresses our passion to expand our skills and knowledge, and to create a supportive environment for our colleagues and clients.

Gold Sponsors

We are a passionate international digital agency, specialized in Drupal development. Through valorising people, context and information, our approach enables us to create elegant digital experiences for our clients, while taking care of our collaborators.

Softescu is your technical partner with expertise in creating enterprise applications using Drupal, Angular, Xamarin or Hyperledger. With an experienced and closely knitted team of more than 40 staff, Softescu can build applications and portals tailored to your needs and expectations. 

Silver Sponsors

Established in 2006, Eau de Web (www.eaudeweb.ro) is a Romanian company specialized in web development, digital content publishing and usage of semantic technologies.

We are a fearless software company based in Bucharest, Romania, founded in 2015 by a pasionate software engineer who loves traveling through the digital galaxy.

Supporting Organizations

Drupal Iron Camp was a Drupal event in 2016, held in Prague.