Session Tracks

Tracks are a collection of sessions sorted by topic which spans in experience level from beginner to advanced. Sessions will range in time with both 25-minute and 50-minute options available. Workshops will range in time with both 90-minute and 180-minute options available.

Sessions are chosen from a diverse field of speakers and topics submitted during our call for papers (CFP) period leading up to each event.  

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Session tracks vary from event to event, however, they generally fall into some of the following categories:

Being Human

The Drupal community is diverse, colorful, interesting, open, and caring, but sometimes pessimistic, overwhelming and stressful too - we are humans after all.


Address how to grow a sustainable Drupal business in an increasingly competitive marketplace and how to innovate and diversify to stay ahead.

Back-End Development

This track is focused on Drupal 8 development; the workflows, tools, and patterns that surround developing Drupal applications at any scale. This track is targeted at Drupal developers and those who want to become one.

Core Conversations

Core Conversations are a place for people actively working on and contributing to Drupal to meet, discuss and plan the future.

Where regular tracks and sessions focus on the present and immediate future, Core Conversations are about long-term. They are not only about presenting ideas and plans but also about putting questions forward and finding answers to open questions.


DevOps operates at the intersection of development and operations. The DevOps culture is all about automating repetitive tasks, streamlining the development process and speeding up feedback loops, resulting in higher quality code and, ultimately, better products.

Front End Development

The front end track shares solutions for common challenges such as theming, UX and JavaScript in Drupal. We tackle which trends are here to stay and what will shape the future of Drupal.


Where does Drupal fit in a world where the web is everywhere, on every device, in every room in our house and in our vehicles? What role do we play?


The best Drupal developers are also great PHP developers. The PHP track focuses on PHP skills and tools to make your life as a Drupal developer easier than ever.

Project Management

The project management track is about helping each other to better set expectations, estimate, facilitate, review, report on, and strategically plan your projects and portfolios.

Site Building

The Site Building track is about letting Drupal do the hard work without needing to write code. By assembling the right modules and configurations we can create rich and complex features, without worrying about reinventing the wheel and write complex logic and code.

Digital Ambitious Experiences

This showcase track provides an in-depth look at Drupal case studies from industry experts and their clients. Be inspired by your peers to find new ways to push the envelope with Drupal.