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Drupal is historically a successful CMS in the web where it comes down to complex content models, proper revisions and multi-language with a fine-tuned access control.

This lead to a lot of prominent solutions, in the corporate world that can compete with adobe and sitecore, as well as smb Swiss army-knife solutions for hobbyists and SME.

Now with decoupled and hipster frontend frameworks we seriously have a popularity problem.

In Drupal Europe, at the local associations round table, we’ve seen the importance to use the knowledge of local association to make the Drupal marketing initiative work, with other initiatives and sharing knowledge. A lot of quick wins as well as long term visions where explored and initiated. This session won’t deep dive into all of those but highlight a few and some pointers to get you engaged.

We already have livechat integration for drupal projects to engage visitors to become contributors or clients.

So the next logical step would be used marketing automation, something that could raise some eyebrows within certain parts of our community, although uses third party proprietary solutions in order to engage “clicking individuals” to become happy contributors.

So our next challenge is to embrace Open Source marketing automation, where Mautic comes into play, it already has a Drupal module and is the only fully integrated alternative available and really good :)



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