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Most of you have tried out Paragraphs, Panels, Display Suite or other tools for fancy and complex pages. I've worked the most with Panels on D7 and Paragraphs on D8. We're shipping Drupal sites on a monthly/bimonthly basis to customers, and all solutions so far had a couple of drawbacks in common:

- Clients are concerned about contrib modules and their security
- These modules have additional dependencies (like page_manager and entity_reference_revisions)
- The administrative UI is hard to learn and use

Layout Builder is in the core, it's stable with the release of Drupal 8.7, the administrative UI is simpler than anything so far and it doesn't have additional dependencies. It's also highly customisable, you can create your own templates and also apply your favourite framework's layout solution.

Let's delve into how powerful Layout Builder is!

Knowledge level recommended:

- Site building: intermediate
- Theming: advanced
- Module development: intermediate

What you'll learn:

- How to give freedom to the site builders to build complex layouts
- Strategies on building different layouts with Layout Builder
- How to apply your favorite framework to the built layout

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Front End Development

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