[Machine Learning] Creating more relevant search results with "Learn to Rank"




In this session I'll give you a summary of what machine learning is but more importantly how can you use it for a very common problem, namely the relevancy of your internal site search.

Recently, a client of ours shared with us their frustration that their website’s internal site search results didn’t display the most relevant items when searching for certain keywords. They had done their homework and provided us with a list of over 150 keywords and the expected corresponding search result performance. I'll take you on a roadshow how complex Search is and why we all came to rely on Google and came to expect similar quality from our other searches online. You can expect to learn new concepts. 

You'll leave the session with a general understanding of not only machine learning in function of search/relevancy but also how search works and how you can use the toolkit of Solr/Lucene to improve your site search with minimal impact for your Drupal site. I'll try to keep it understandable for all audiences but do expect a high level of technical content and concepts.

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