The upstreamable way: The more you give the more you have




Drupal is a free software product that many people rely on to develop their custom solutions.
But is it really all that "custom"?
As the years passed we see how more and more parts of project requirements are already covered by features included in Drupal core or in mature contributed modules. With all that in place, we can focus more on the specific problems of the domain we are dealing with. These problems should actually be the "custom" part of your project.
The increase of use cases that are already covered by Drupal happened organically as part of the ecosystem but I feel it is important to highlight how you can also be part of this improvements and make it happen in your day to day work.

In this session, I will talk about a particular approach to development so we can identify the parts that can benefit from being developed out in the open and what to do when having fixes and improvements for projects that already exist. I will also cover some steps that can be followed so this process happens more naturally.

Since Drupal sailed away from its island years ago I will also cover situations in which the code we need or want to develop is not specific to Drupal so we can share the joy with the whole PHP/JS/CSS/You-name-it community. Some composer specific examples will be presented.



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Back-End Development

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