Tome: The native way to build Drupal static sites




The popularity of static site generators is taking off in the Drupal world. Any site builder can take advantage of the features provided by Drupal to build and manage the site and rely on the benefits of a static version once it is generated to share it with the rest of the world.

A static website requires a significantly smaller maintenance effort, hosting infrastructure is simpler, pages are served quite fast and the security risks are dramatically reduced.

However, there is a dark side too. Some of the nice features provided by Drupal can be lost or degraded. At the same time, if the site complexity grows, the downsides of this approach could be bigger than the benefits.

Tome is a static site generator built within Drupal. Unlike other generic tools that can be integrated with Drupal, it is a native tool for this purpose. The static version of the site is generated directly from the Drupal UI or using Drush in a completely transparent way.

The aim of this session is to introduce the audience into the world of static site generators for Drupal and showcase Tome and its ecosystem of related modules. Some roadblocks will be revealed, including some different ways to mitigate them.

By the conclusion of this talk, attendees will have a better idea about whether a project is a good candidate or not for this approach and will, have a better knowledge of the Tome module and the different workflows to handle Drupal static sites using it.



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