Conquer your front-end with renderkit components




Renderkit provides a range of components that can be used to match complex front-end requirements in a clean way.

You want a tab label to display the accumulated price of products referenced from the current node and child nodes?
You want to display a different icon depending on a taxonomy term?
You want a picture and text wrapped in a link tag, with a nice shadow effect?
You want to use a different field formatter depending on the node creation date?
You want to embed a view with related content, where the choice of style plugin depends on the author's user role?
You want all of this on one big node page, with different components nested within one another?
You want 

Render kit (in combination with other modules) provides a lot of this out of the box, and a lot more by using the API.

In the session, we will:
- Have a quick look at how to install.
- Explore and demonstrate what is possible out of the box.
- Write a custom module with custom HTML/CSS components, custom theme hooks and render element types, and custom renderkit components.
- Integrate the components into views and entity view modes.
- Create a feature to export the settings.

The session will mostly consist of live demonstrations, inspired by real-world-examples from websites I worked on (actual real-world examples will only be shown if the project owner(s) approve).
Based on previous experience, there will be only few slides, to maximize the time for demonstrations.

Drupal 8?
I have started with a Drupal 8 version 2 years ago, but I cannot promise anything yet. So for the sake of this session, we have to assume this will be about Drupal 7 only.



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Front End Development

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