Raffaele Chiocca



I work with drupal since 8 years contributing to drupal core, flag, visitors, webform encrypt and other modules.

Official Speaker at Drupal Dev Days 2018 in Lisbon with

Acquia Certified Drupal 8 Developer.

My last contributions I've developed my own module for drupal 7 & 8 for enable Drupal to integrate with a touch events library.

I'm co-maintainer of the Events Logging module: a powerful and extensible logging system for drupal 8 (

I am the maintainer of Paragraphs React, an initial idea of a contrib module that allows the generation of ReactJS components and pages from drupal paragraphs.

With Ibuildings ( i've developed a field formatter utility that integrates with the paragraphs contributed module for showing paragraphs as a wizard.

Leading a team of 4 Drupal Developers I've ported the geocoder autocomplete module from drupal 7 to drupal 8, see



Job Title

Software Engineer


Ibuildings account